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What We Do

我们使企业能够在各个方面加速其软件开发流程,从编写和测试代码到运行复杂的基于微服务的应用程序。凭借数千万的下载量,Rancher迅速成为企业在生产中运行容器的首选开源工具,比如像索尼,IBM,泰科,Sling TV,Align Technologies等公司。


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Where We Are

在过去的几年时间里,Rancher Labs迅速发展,在北京,上海,沈阳,深圳,旧金山,坦佩,纽约,伦敦,阿姆斯特丹,东京和悉尼拥有一百多名员工和offices。





“Our team is diverse and supportive. We think that challenging tasks get solved quicker when every person feels included and valued.”

alena prokharchyk
Alena P.,
Software Engineer

“Remember the feeling of working on some cool challenging project with your college friends? That’s how working at Rancher feels like!”

rajashree mandaogane
Rajashree M.,
Software Engineer

"At rancher we're pushing the boundaries with our container technology. This is where we get to live out and apply paradigm shifting best practices".

ahmad emneina
Ahmad E.,
Senior Engineer

“Since starting with Rancher, I’ve been part a mission that goes beyond my day-to-day tasks. It’s satisfying to work with people around the world who are in it together, helping solve whatever problems may arise.”

matthew scheer
Matthew S.,

“Everyday at Rancher is about making simpler solutions to hard and challenging problems. It is both a mindset and an opportunity that is as rewarding to personal growth as it is to delivering delightful value to our customers.”

bala gopalan
Bala G.,
Senior Director, Professional Services
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