Your Kubernetes clusters need ongoing attention to stay healthy and perform at their best. Rancher 2.2 monitors, manages, backs up, and restores Kubernetes clusters. It features new tools for controlling applications deployed across multiple clusters, plus a host of new flexibility around ongoing operations. With solutions for edge, multi-tenant, and multi-cloud clusters, Rancher eliminates redundant work, lightens the workload of operations teams, and increases the reliability of Kubernetes clusters and the applications they run.

Join us as we discuss and demo five of the most powerful features in this release:

  • Rancher Advanced Monitoring (Jason van Brackel)
  • Multi-Tenant Application Catalogs (Rajashree Mandaogane)
  • Multi-Cluster Applications (Prachi Damle)
  • Global DNS (Prachi Damle)
  • Rancher Cluster BDR (Hussein Galal)