Rancher 2.2 focuses on day two operations for Kubernetes, the ongoing management tasks that secure clusters, reduce downtime, and keep applications secure. For edge deployments and businesses that run multi-tenant clusters or multiple installations of the same application, Rancher 2.2 Preview 2 introduces features that lighten the workload of operations teams, helping to eliminate redundant work and human error. It includes tools for increasing the availability of multi-cluster applications and new options for configuring application catalogs at the cluster and project levels.

Rancher engineers Prachi Damle, Rajashree Madaogane, and Adrian Goins will be on hand to demonstrate the new features and answer any questions. Join us as we discuss and demo:

  • Configuring catalog visibility in a multi-tenant deployment
  • Deploying an application to multiple Kubernetes clusters
  • Using Global DNS to actively maintain a DNS record for the multi-cluster app
  • Performing a rolling upgrade of the application across clusters