Ready to learn more about using Kubernetes and Rancher?

This free online training is aimed at users new to Kubernetes, or those interested in using Rancher to easily deploy and manage Kubernetes.

In this session, our experts will walk you through:

  • Essential Kubernetes concepts
  • The key components of a Kubernetes deployment
  • Deploying and scaling a containerized application with Kubernetes, Helm, and Rancher

All demonstrations are done live and in real-time. As always, we’ll answer any and all questions you may have about containers, Docker, Kubernetes, and Rancher, too! Register for your personal link to this online training session.

Slides from the Training

Rancher Labs Online Training - July 5, 2018: Intro to Kubernetes with Rancher 2.0 from Rancher Labs

Questions from the Training

These questions were asked by participants of the training and answered during the session:

Q: For the ingress, is there support for k8s-bigip-ctlr coming anytime soon to Rancher?

Q: I’m currently on Rancher 2.0.2 and I was trying out an NFS persistent volume, but once I destroyed my workload and released the NFS persistent volume, it stayed in the released state and I couldn’t use it anymore for a new workload without re-creating it. Is this expected, or something that has changed in future versions?

Q: In a cluster, if you are not using the default project and namespace, is it safe to delete?

Q: Could you demonstrate or talk about how to replace the Ingress Controller that you mentioned at the beginning? ok thank you

Q: Hi - /thanks for the training~. Q. What is the Rancher default login? I have tried to load the OS to the server 2x,, and after I have changed the passwd and set up a #cloud-config.yml – it didn’t recognize the passwd and the files werent there anymore. I have it up live again now… Thanks!

Q: How much is the monthly enterprise support? Is there a trial period to get started?

Q: Also is there a chance to go through a vSphere provider session at a later date?

Q: can you add a catalog from a private git repo, for example gogs that is protected by passwords?

Q: Dumb Question: For the WordPress Catalog app, which IP/endpoint would the DNS for a custom domain point to?

Q: Is there any plans to support Graylog and gelf for logging?

Q: Hello everyone. The Rancher 2.0 can be used in a production environment or it still as “tech preview”?

Q: Why is there such a strict / limited dependency on very specific versions of Docker? This might be more of a k8s question.

Q: It seems like the hardcore k8s admins and developers running projects on k8s hardly uses the UI Dashboard but seem to stick to kubectl, is the UI not that good or is it limited compared to the super powerful kubectl?

Q: How is Rancher different from OpenShift?

Q: What host OS is recommended for nodes running in VSphere?

Q: Do catalog apps have dependencies on other apps?

Q: is HAproxy supported as ingress controller?

Q: As far as I understand Rancher could be installed on Linux box or on RKE. Could rancher beeing deployed on top of AKS?