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Rancher Rodeos是免费的深入研讨会,旨在为DevOps和IT团队提供在各地部署和管理Kubernetes所需的实践技能。这些为期半天的研讨会在北美和欧洲的许多地方举行,内容由Rancher的技术专家提供,旨在教育任何有兴趣学习如何使用容器或Kubernetes的人。

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Rancher Rodeos涵盖的主要主题包括:


Rancher Server的安装和配置




这是一个免费活动,对想要了解Rancher的任何人开放,并且有兴趣了解如何在生产中部署和管理Kubernetes。如果您从事IT运营,DevOps,企业架构,应用程序架构或InfoSec,并希望了解如何使用容器或Kubernetes,请注册您附近的Rancher Rodeo。



Find a Rancher Rodeo Near You

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  • 30 min

    Registration (Breakfast Available)

  • 45 min

    Rancher Introduction & Marketplace Overview

  • 30 min

    Rodeo Introduction & Overview

    • Rodeo Objectives
    • Docker and Kubernetes Overview
  • 30 min

    Server Deployment

    • Machine Provisioning
    • Rancher Server Installation
    • Walkthrough of Rancher UI
  • 15 min

    Coffee Break

  • 30 min

    Kubernetes Deployment

    • Kubernetes Installation
    • Exploring the Cluster with Rancher and the CLI
    • Installing Applications from the Catalog
  • 30 min

    Q&A and Advanced Topics (if time permits)

    • Persistent Storage
    • Monitoring with Prometheus and Grafana
    • Using the Rancher CLI
  • 60 min



Rancher Rodeos are currently scheduled on the dates and locations shown below. Click on the location for which you’d like to register. If your city isn't listed below, fill out this form to request that we add your city to the route!

Rodeo Speakers

Mark Abrams,
Field Engineer

Mark has worked as a full stack engineer for nearly 20 years. For the last 6 years Mark has been developing and delivering private cloud solutions for global enterprises and Fortune 100 companies, helping developers, operators, and executives with strategy, architecture, and the development of private cloud solutions. The scope of his expertise ranges from embedded systems to multi-tier architectures, enabling him to understand solutions from the highest overview to the most integral components.

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Jason van Brackel,
Director of Community

Jason is Rancher Labs' Director of Community as well as the organizer of the Kubernetes Philly meetup. With a heart for teaching, he regularly presents at code camps and other meetups. A recovering software engineer and enterprise consultant, he's worked professionally with everything from COBOL to Go.

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Kyle Rome,
Field Engineer

Since graduating from university, Kyle has worked to deliver stable enterprise applications, first as a developer and later as a system administrator and integrator. He has always worked to deliver polished solutions, and when training others, he makes sure that the information is accessible and easily understood. He has been using Kubernetes since 2016 and joined Rancher in 2018.

Raul Sanchez,
DevOps Lead

Raúl Sanchez has been active with GNU/Linux for more than 20 years. He collaborates on a number of open source projects and has spent his career helping companies innovate, explore new technologies, and run solutions reliably in production. He has extensive experience with DevOps and microservices, and he helps businesses develop the confidence and the skills to run Kubernetes and Rancher.


Jan Bruder,
Field Engineer

Building on 4 years of experience working with Linux containers, Jan Bruder has been assisting SME and large enterprise organisations in the architecture and implementation of scalable, highly available application environments based on Rancher and Kubernetes. Having a strong developer background in Go, he enjoys building custom tools and services with a focus on Kubernetes and networking. Jan has contributed to several open source software projects in the cloud native ecosystem.


Vic Parker,
Field Engineer

With over 20 years of IT experience, Vic is a Field Engineer that has a focus on increasing the efficiency of IT business service delivery via adoption of DevOps principals, automation and platform integration. Vic is energetic about working with enterprise customers to resolve operational challenges and adopting new enabling technologies such as microservices, containers and Kubernetes orchestration.

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