Rancher Labs Introduces Lightweight Operating System for k3s to Improve Security for Kubernetes Operations

Purpose built to simplify Kubernetes operations in low-resource computing environments, k3OS preview release now available

event April 24, 2019

Workiva Leverages Rancher Labs for Container Management Support

Company reduces in-house development efforts for container management with Rancher

event April 9, 2019

Rancher Labs Announces General Availability of Rancher 2.2

The GA release introduces innovative new features to simplify the provisioning of Kubernetes-as-a-service, allowing users to focus on accelerating innovation and driving business value

event March 26, 2019

Rancher Labs Introduces Lightweight Distribution of Kubernetes to Simplify Operations in Low-Resource Computing Environments

K3s from Rancher Labs addresses emerging use cases for Kubernetes on edge and IoT devices

event February 26, 2019

Rancher Labs Introduces Industry’s First Support for Multi-Cluster Kubernetes Applications

Rancher Labs announced today support for multi-cluster applications within Rancher, its open source Kubernetes management platform. Rancher is the first platform to simultaneously deploy applications to multiple clusters, a huge benefit for multi-cluster and edge computing environments.

event February 5, 2019

Rancher and Arm Partner to Deliver a Kubernetes-based Platform for IoT and Edge Computing Deployments

Rancher Labs, a provider of container management software, today announced a partnership with Arm to meet the needs of Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing deployments.

event December 11, 2018

Rancher Labs Introduces Industry’s First Multi-Cluster, Multi-Tenant Prometheus Support

Rancher Labs, a provider of container management software, today announced enhanced Prometheus support, delivering greater visibility into Kubernetes clusters and making Rancher the only solution that supports Prometheus in a multi-cluster, multi-tenant environment.

event December 11, 2018

Rancher Labs Adds Support for Leading Kubernetes Services in China

Expanded support extends to Huawei Cloud, Alibaba Cloud and Tencent Cloud

event November 13, 2018

Rancher Labs Introduces Rancher 2.1

Latest version of leading open source Kubernetes management software introduces improved cluster operations and application management functionalities

event October 8, 2018

Announcing Rancher 2.0 GA

Sheng Liang, CEO of Rancher Labs, announces that Rancher 2.0 has achieved GA and is ready for production deployment. Rancher 2.0 is an open-source, enterprise Kubernetes platform for running containers in production. Read how Rancher 2.0 works and what Rancher plans to release next.

event May 1, 2018



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